Tjokro Hotel Pekanbaru 3*
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Tjokro Hotel Pekanbaru 3*’s Map, in Pekanbaru

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Map Hotel in Pekanbaru

Tjokro Hotel Pekanbaru enjoys a fantastic and strategic location in Jendral Sudirman Street, a perfect location to place it within easy reach of everything that visitors to Pekanbaru will want to see and visit, such as the shopping malls, entertainment facilities, leisure options, nightclubs and karaoke bars, as well as all of the traditional historical and cultural attractions. The hotel is a great starting point for exploring the city of Pekanbaru.

Map Hotel in Pekanbaru

Tourist attractions

  • Museum Daerah Riau Sang Nila Utama
  • Citra Plaza
  • Soeman HS Library
  • Mall Pekanbaru
  • Ciputra Seraya Mall
  • Alam Mayang

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